Download Full Report: Iranian Public Opinion under “Maximum Pressure” Summary of Findings 1.    Current Views of the JCPOAFor the first time, less than half of Iranians approve of the nuclear deal and a majority lacks confidence that the other P5+1 countries besides the U.S. will keep their obligations under theContinue Reading

Download Full Report: Iranian Public Opinion after the Protests  Summary of Findings  1. More Iranians See Economy as Bad and Getting WorseGrowing majorities say Iran’s economic situation is bad and getting worse. Less than a fifth now say the economic condition of their family has improved over the last fourContinue Reading

As the announcement of President Obama’s FY2017 budget draws near, a new, national survey finds majorities of Republicans and Democrats agreeing on cuts in spending and increases in revenues that would reduce the projected deficit by $52 billion. In the in-depth ‘Citizen Cabinet’ survey, respondents were presented the President’s FYContinue Reading